Update: Maternitainer to Dar'a

Together with Cordaid and Bijzondere Noden Hospitainers sends a Maternitainer to Daraa – Syria to provide medical assistance to pregnant women and victims of sexual violence.
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On Tuesday 3 december a Hospitainer has been send to the Philippines to give medical relief to the victims of the devastating Typhoon Haiyan. 
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Specific health problems require tailor-made and targeted solutions, especially in areas where infrastructures are severly disrupted and health care facilities destroyed.

This website provides background information on three high impact, gender related health problems.



287,000  women die each year – one every two minutes – from pregnancy related causes. Ninety-nine per cent of these deaths occur in developing countries.
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Sexual Violence

“The current inability to protect women and girls in conflict and post-conflict settings against sexual violence represents a human rights failure of massive proportions”. 
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Obstetric Fistulas

Around the world more than 2 million women suffer from untreated obstetric fistula (OF) and each year 50,000 to 100,000 new women are affected by it. 
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Our Approach

    To Maternal Health Problems

    Hospitainer has designed three medical facilities specifically desinged to the nature of obstetric problems.
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    To Sexual Violence Health Problems

    A kind of health care facility like the Maternitainer has, by the WHO, been appointed as one of the best ways to shelter victims of sexual violence.

    To Fistula Problems

    Because of the correlation between maternal health problems and the risk of developing fistula the same solutions that are developed to medically assist women during and after labour are also suitable to prevent or treat fistulas.
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