Our Approach

Learning From The Past

Despite the progress countries have made by striving to meet he Millennium Development Goals a lot remains to be done. Specifically challenges related to unequal distribution, transportation and low quality facilities are persistent and disservice much of the effort inserted so far. Hence, the ongoing civil conflicts and increasing tensions, specifically within the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region and the African continent, are a heavy burden to the female population and their reproductive rights. Because specific problems require tailor-made and targeted solutions Hospitainer has designed multiple flexible, mobile hospitals which can be rapidly deployed. The are designed to provide a medical solution specifically designed to the nature of the problem under target and are therefor highly efficient. The first newly devloped facility, the Maternitainer, is specifically designed to meet the preconditions for assisting normal deliveries. It is provided with all the necessary equipment and medicines for women in labour and contains tools useable when labour is slightly obstructed. The second solution, the Hospitrailer, is designed to intervene in labour when the health of mother and/or child is endangered. This facility is, due to its truck-construction, very flexible and applicable in areas that require a moveable facility. The third medical facility is the Hospitianer. It is more exstensive than both the Maternitainer and Hospitrailer and therefore provides an all-compassing solution to any kind of obstetric problem.