Our answer to Sexual Violence Health Problems


According to the WHO the ideal location for a health care facility for sexual violence victims is either a hospital or (primary) medical clinic where urgent medical intervention can be carried out. Although the capacity of facilities might fluctuate depending on social demand and the necessity arising from the nature of the humanitarian situation, some basic elements are essential and cannot be compromised. Most important, high standard hygiene is required for the provision of any medical intervention. Nevertheless, this aspect is often the first to become jeopardized in settings where disorganization and lacking basics rife. Hence, the absence of electricity makes qualitative medical care challenging and often even impossible. Ventilation, sterilization and water (disposal) are aspects often non-present in facilities build within conflict and post-conflict areas resulting in a severe downgrade of the quality of care provided to victims.  Although the establishment of health care facilities might involve significant expenditure on equipment the costs incurred in purchasing equipments for primary sexual violence facilities is relatively small compared to other facilities (e.g. an emergency department). When more of these facilities are deployed to those places where they are needed the most this can enlighten suffering of thousands of women and safe even more lives.

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