Our answer to Fistula Problems

Two Solutions

Because of the correlation between maternal health problems, obstructed labour and the risk of developing fistula the same solutions that are developed to medically assist women during and after labour are also suitable to prevent or treat fistulas. Nevertheless, the social, economic and political situation in an area is important when concidering which health care facility is most appropriate. In those places where families migrate, either to seek refuge or to provide themselves with food, water and shelter, a mobile solution would be appropriate. Not only can the mobile clinic travel or settle along the way these families take, but also is it more capable to reach remote areas. There where a vast population resides a semi-mobile solution might be the best apporach. The mobile version that Hospitainer has is the Emergency Obstertric Clinic, also called Hospitrailer. This facility is loaded on a truck and therefore very flexible. The semi-mobile version of the facility is called the Hospitainer. It is less flexible but build with more containers and therefore provides extra solutions.